3 Innovative Ed-tech Startups that are changing Indian Education System

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3 Innovative Indian Ed-tech Startups

In this article, you will get to know about 3 unique Indian Ed-tech Startups that are revolutionizing the entire Education industry, which will help you in getting new business perspectives and lots of insights.

And if you are a school student, college student, or even a working professional, you will get to know how these startups can benefit you.


It was started in 2016.

Let’s understand the Problem Statement first.

No matter if you are a school student whether in class 6th or class 12th or you are preparing for JEE or NEET, the problem arises when we get stuck in a doubt.

Particularly in Math and Science despite all the studies and coaching classes, we get tight while solving questions at home.

There can be multiple reasons for that like:

  • We don’t pay enough attention in the classroom,
  • We focus more on talking with friends instead of listening to the teacher
  • The teacher is not that good,

and so on.


In this case, the first person which comes to our mind is the class topper.

But a person can help us in solving only a few questions but not the entire book and when we don’t get our questions solved, we close our book and start using our phones to refresh and we all know what happens after that.

A few minutes of refreshing break convert into 1- or 2-hour break and study go for a toss.

And that’s when Doubtnut comes into existence.

The founder of Doubtnut used to run an offline coaching institute and they noticed this problem and instead of complaining about it, he came up with a solution.

He created solutions in video format of every question of every exercise of almost every popular study material.

After creating it they worked on developing the technology and instilled Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in their app.

Their AI and ML can detect the questions from the photo, finds them in its database and, then recommend you the right answer.

Only a student can understand the pain when they face problems while solving questions but if you are a user of Doubtnut, you can understand how it feels when you get your problems solved with just a few clicks.

That is the reason for the rapid growth by Doubtnut in Tier I, Tier II, and even Tier III cities.

Even Byjus tried to acquire Doubtnut for around $80-$100 Million but this deal couldn’t take place because of some reason.

But in this year itself, it acquired funding of Rs.224 Crore in its Series B round

Masai School

It was started in the year 2019.

What happens when we enter the college?

After completing only a single semester, 80% of the students get to realize only college studies will not land them the right job, and the rest of them realize it after graduating.

College Studies and Practical Skills

To get our dream job, we need to have some practical life skills as well.

But, colleges only focus on Degrees and employers ask for Practical Skills.

Even after spending Rs.10 to Rs.20 Lakh for colleges, we don’t get the right skills, and then to acquire them, we enroll in different courses

We learn some new skills but still, the gap remains the same

How to,

  • Implement those skills into practical work?
  • Work in a team and in startups or corporates?
  • Present that work
  • Crack interviews? Etc.

100% Job Placement Guarantee

Don’t you feel there should be an accountability of these institutions for Job Placement?

Some of them commit 100% Job Placement but these are nothing but just fake promises.

To address this problem The Masai School entered the Market.

You can learn practical skills like Coding, Web Development, Full-Stack Development, Android, etc. through their App.

Their Full Time and Part Time courses are available on their platform and they teach from the very fundamentals, you don’t need to have some prior knowledge of coding.

Except that you also get to learn other ancillary skills mentioned above which helps you to get the job.

Pay Your Fee only After Selection

Now you might think, what is the guarantee that you will get the job for sure?

So look at the fee structure, If after completing their course, you don’t get a job of at least Rs.500,000, you don’t need to pay a single penny for that course.

Only if you get a job you have to pay 15% of your monthly salary per month to ‘Masai School’ for 3 years but the maximum to Rs.300,000.

No doubt hard work would be required, only enrolling in a course is not enough.

Masai School works on the principle,

‘They will succeed if you will succeed’

What do you think about this Income Sharing Agreement Business Model?

Relevel by Unacademy

This is a subsidiary of Unacademy and started just few days back in the month of may.

Every startup comes into existence to solve the problem, so firstly we must understand what is the problem

The problem is, getting the right company

Let’s say you have got the college admission and you developed the skills as well but in your college campus selection, you don’t find the right company.

Because, big companies only hire from renowned colleges like IIT and MIT.

Then you try through off-campus or approach via Linkedin but still if you don’t have the reference it becomes difficult to get the interview call.

Then you feel your talent is waste

Here ‘Relevel’ helps you in this.

So if you have the right kind of skills like

•Front End Development

•Back End Development or

•Business Development

then this startup can help you in getting into the right company according to your skill sets.

How it works

You will be required to register on its platform and have to appear in the test.

It is a two-level test:

  1. Prelims and
  2. Advance 

In Prelims, there will be three challenges and in Advance, you have to appear in the interview

At last, the cut-off will be issued.

This startup is empowering talented and skilled candidates where your college tag only does not define your talent instead it is your skills that do.

You can apply for registration till the 22nd of June.

They have revolutionized the job application process.

Their test also examines the skills like Emotional Quotient, Communication Skills, Attention to Details, and Creative thinking of the candidate, which ultimately helps companies to hire the right people and candidates in getting the right job.

Relevel is just in the starting phase of its operation and you can register yourself on their website.

A Surprise

I know, in the beginning, I promised that you will get to know about 3 unique startups but in the end here is a surprise for you in just two or three lines

If you are preparing for a Govt. Exams or companies like TCS, HCL, or Infosys here is one more startup that can help you in this, KickHead, you can check this as well.

Hope you got some Insights and some new business perspective.

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Hey I am Vaibhav, a CA student and a startup enthusiast who write about startups and on financial topics

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