Are you selling an awesome product/service? Do you want more eyeballs/ brand impressions on company/ startups?
With over 800,000 Monthly views and 250,000 followers across Youtube and Instagram, there is no better way to grab eyeballs.
We focus on brand stories and integrations for better response and engagement from the viewers.
Our major audience is between (17-34 years) and is interested in entrepreneurship, startups, and interesting products and valuable services.

Custom Videos

This is our flagship property where we showcase a brand and focus on several aspects like the story behind the brand, what problems is the company trying to solve, what are the USPs of the product/ service, pricing, and how the audience response has been. These videos are well shot and produced and usually get a high number of views and are hence best for brand promotions/ impressions.

Innov8 Promotion

Zostel Review

Integrated Videos

Here we promote the product/services of a company in 1-3 minutes in a video on a related topic. These videos are used for conversions.

Upstox – Startup News

Everything about Angel Investment

Dedicated Videos:

Videos explaining a product/ service of a company in a detailed manner while also clearing potential customers’ doubts. Here the focus is to get to new customers.
Smallcase Review

EeVe’s – Electric Bike

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