Do you have a startup idea that you feel can change the world? Or a feature that you feel will lead to explosive growth?

The question is does your potential customers also feel so? That is what the Product Market Fit Survey aims to find out for you.

In God we trust, all others must bring data !!

Who is for?

  • Entrepreneurs building products
  • Product Managers deciding which feature to build next
  • To get feedback/ insights on your/competitor’s product

Why survey is crucial?

  • Build something that people actually want instead of what you think people want.
  • Save time & resources by taking unbiased feedback before building the product/features.
  • Remove blind spots and get insights that you may not have thought about.

Why StartupGyaan?

  • Unbiased feedback from across India.
  • Along with quantitive results, get detailed qualitative feedback.
  • Highly engaged and curious audience

Which type of audience answers the survey?

  • Mostly Indian Audience
  • 17- 34 years of age
  • Tier 1,2,3 cities


  • Send a Google form with 5-7 questions
  • We share the Google form in our community
  • Get at least 300 insightful responses
  • Sample Problem Statement, Survey, and Insights
  • Start your survey at an introductory price