How a system helped people get free Tesla cars

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Tesla Referral system you didn’t know about 

Tesla gave away more than 80 Roadsters For Free in 2019. Wait….. For Free? Are you kidding?? Before this article, might you didn’t know about this. Right? But you read it right, some people got Tesla cars ( Roadsters & Model Y) for free in the past by just referring Tesla cars to others. So here’s the real story:

In 2015 Tesla started a referral system for marketing purposes with which People can get Tesla Roadster Founder’s edition for free. And the system was something like this; With the program when someone referred Tesla to others then he got rewarded by Tesla. For every successful referral (if a person makes a purchase of a new Tesla car from referral code) the referrers get $1000 & the new buyer gets $1000 off on the purchase.

Tesla introduced this to increase their customer base, and literally, they got an amazing response. This drew Tesla a lot of press attention and inspired a lot of marketing from Tesla owners themselves. And from June 2017 to June 2019 Tesla recorded more than 40,000 sales with this referral system in the USA only. However, there’s so much promotion that in 2019, Tesla had to give away 80 new Roadsters for free. That’s a lot for any company. So not only Tesla got a lot from these referrals but some Tesla owners got Tesla Roadster Founder’s edition for free. A win-win system for both the brand & customers.

So let me give you a brief idea about the Tesla referral system (2021).


So now in this article, you’ll get to know about:

  • How does the Tesla Referral system work?
  • What are the incentives?
  • Eligibility criteria of the referral system
  • THINGS to know before you participate in the referral system

How does the Tesla Referral system work?

The referral system is as simple as others, but the incentives you’ll get are awesome.

Step:1 A Tesla owner has to download the Tesla app.

Step:2 Start sharing your referral link

Step 3: You can track the status of your awards after people make a successful purchase from Tesla.

And from your referral link, whenever your friends, family or stranger buy/ purchase the eligible stuff from Tesla you’ll get some rewards.

What are the incentives?

Here are the following incentives people get if they use referral code:

  1. When a new person buys a new Tesla car from your referral link then you & he both get rewarded with 1000 Miles of free supercharging from Tesla station.
  2. When a new person activates the solar roof from your referral link then he earns a $100 reward, but in this case, Tesla has something exciting for you. You get $400 worth of awards for each successful solar referral.
  3. Now the most exciting awards are Tesla model Y and Tesla Roadster Founder’s version (car with a sign of Elon Musk himself). But unfortunately, Tesla has stopped giving away free cars from June 1.

Eligibility criteria of The referral system

  1. Customer need to be 18 years old or more
  2. He needs to be an owner of a new Tesla car
  3. The program and awards are limited to and dependent on local laws and regulations like residents of Ohio and Virginia are ineligible for referral program awards.
  4. Tesla partners, representatives & employees are ineligible for this offer.
  5. All referral orders should be performed using an existing referral link, as referrals cannot be added after the order has been placed.

Things to know before you participate in the referral system:

  1. The Referral Program and its terms & conditions are possible to alteration or termination at any time and without notice.
  2. Buying Cybertruck and used Tesla vehicles are not eligible for this program.
  3. Spamming, advertising with Referral links is strictly restricted. Also, you can’t pay others to use your link.

I hope you get to know about the Tesla referral system and what’s working model of it. If yes, then please share this with your friend circle. If you want to know more about the referral system: Tesla referral program.

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