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Things You Should Know About Shark Tank India

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Shark Tank India

Shark Tank is one of the most lovable American reality shows that is coming to India. Our country has given 15 unicorns to the world this year till June 30, and the entrepreneurship culture is at its peak.

Now the arrival of Shark Tank will surely inspire lots of budding entrepreneurs, students, and working professionals who always dreamt of creating something new, something innovative.

People have started guessing who are going to be judges, is Kunal Shah, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Nithin Kamath, or people from Venture Capital Firms and Asset Management Companies.

Although it is not decided yet who is going to sit on the judges’ chair, one thing is for sure that people from Startup Eco-system are excited about this.

What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is an American Reality Show where entrepreneurs pitch real investors to fund their business. These investors are called ‘Sharks’.

It was started in the year 2009 and is an American version of  Dragons’ Den, and has 7.6/10 IMDb ratings.

It has streamed 12 seasons total of 269 episodes till now. The main reason that makes it exciting is, investors, invest their own money in the Startup.

What Makes Shark Tank So Interesting 

Many people think that pitching an idea means PowerPoint Presentation(PPT), but in Shark Tank, entrepreneurs come up with crazy and entertaining ways of conveying their message.

The investors sitting on the judges’ chair are themselves have done multiple ventures and have expertise in various industries that make it lucrative for founders to onboard them.

These investors do not only invest their money instead they provide expert guidance to scale and analyze potential problems and their solutions.

The fun fact is, unlike other web series to you don’t need to from the 1st episode of the 1st season, you can pick and watch from wherever you want because any episode of this series is not dependent on any past episodes.

In each episode around 4-5 founders present their ideas which means even you can watch even one part of a particular episode, isn’t it interesting? You don’t need to worry about completing that web series.

Trend on Twitter and Excitement About Shark Tank India

When it was announced that SharkTank is coming to India, twitter got flooded with various tweets with #SharkTankComesToIndia and #SharkTankIndia.

The channel showed its first promo on the 22nd of June, “Shark Tank India. World ka no.1 business reality show Shark Tank aa raha hai India mein! Jahan Sharks, yaani India ke experienced businessmen, aapke business aur business idea ko parkhenge, taraashenge aur bada banayenge.. 

How to Register for Appearing in Shark Tank?

To register you can download Sonyliv app or can register on . The date of launch is not yet disclosed, but it will be announced soon.

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Shark Tank India Registration


Before selecting you the team will properly examine your past records and the existence of your business, even if you have been selected to pitch your idea, it is not mandatory that you will be telecasted over the channel.

Even if Shark would get impressed by your idea and data that you have provided that doesn’t mean you will get the money straight away, shark tank team will verify the data and the business model that you have presented.

One more thing that should be taken care of, you have to lose some control over your business, Sharks do not only provide the money but guide you throughout your journey which means you should be willing to give some control to them as well.


In the USA it got popularity but this would be interesting to see how it will be aired in Indian flavor.

The young generation in India is inclined towards entrepreneurship, thanks to digitalization, but still, parents, elders of families and the society does not accept innovative ideas that have the caliber to grow but because of lack of resources and the taunts of society these get lost.

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