5 Business Movies That Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

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Best Business Movies for Entrepreneurs

The type of content a person consumes builds the values and character of a human being, if you are a student, an entrepreneur, or a working professional having an interest in entrepreneurship, must consume the content that can contribute to your learning.

Here we have brought you the Top 5 Business Movies, that is full of entertainment, drama, romance and packed with lots of learnings.

Some Business Movies are based on real-life stories, and few are someone’s creative imagination.

If you only learn from your mistakes one life will not be enough, but these movies can help you to learn from others mistakes.

I bet you will not regret spending time on it.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pusuit of happyness an inspiration for entrepreneruship

This movie is based on the real-life story of an American Stockbroker Chris Gardner.

Will Smith played the role of Mr. Chris Gardner. This movie teaches about having patience and how continuous efforts can bring results

Chris Gardner failed in his first business, his wife left him when he was unable to earn money for livings, he didn’t even have the money to pay his rent, he had to spend nights in the public toilet with his son.

He struggled a lot but he didn’t let his failures decide his future, he got a chance to intern as a broker, and after putting in lots of hard work he finally got a full-time job in the same brokerage firm.

The story is full of inspiration. Many people give excuses that they didn’t have resources which is why he couldn’t become successful, but Chris Gardner proved the destiny can be changed and build by hard work, patience, and perseverance.

It is the most insporing movies, I have ever watched.

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The Wolf of Wall Street

The wold of wall street, a must watch business movie

I watched this movie after lots of recommendations. I thought it is a business movie, but more than that it was an Adult one.

It is highly recommended that don’t watch it in front of any of your family member.

This is also based on the real-life story of Jordon Belfort. On the very first day of his job, he saw the biggest stock market crash and lost that job, but because of his selling skills, he got into another company.

He used to sell penny stocks that neither have good fundamentals nor they operate properly. But the commission margin was very high that attracted him.

Although he created lots of wealth, he became drug-addicted. His first wife left him because of his affair. Later, when he was found guilty of frauds committed by his companies his second wife also left him.

Although we can learn lots of sales lessons from that movie, how a person can sell anything he wants but at the end, if you are cheating on someone, later or sooner you will find yourself behind the bars.

This conveyed the popular saying “Bad Results of Bad Deeds”.

Band Baaja Barat

Band Baaja Barat, With drama, comedy, love and emotions some business lessons

This is a Hindi Bollywood movie, where a girl and a boy start a Marriage Event Management Business in partnership.

As we all know Bollywood is incomplete without romance, so with business lessons you can feel the actual love and romance in the movie.

From this movie, we should learn that always maintain a separation between our personal life and business life.

 One more lesson that this movie conveys is that we can only build a successful business with the right partners and we can not manage it all on our own.

Delegation of work for building a successful business is very necessary small business owners commit this mistake that they try to do all the things on their own to gain maximum profit but forget that that’s they won’t be able to scale that business.

Scam 1992 or Gafla

Scam 1992 a real stroy of biggest scam in the Indian History

Scam 1992 is a movie based on the biggest stock market scam in history. This is a web series of 10 episodes in which the story of Harshad Mehta and the scam that happened in 1992 are explained in detail.

It has an IMDB rating of 9.6 on the other hand money heist that is extremely popular has a rating of 8.4.

This is the story of Rags to Reaches and again to Rags.

How a person who belonged to a middle-class family built a giant stock market business, how he used the public’s money for his own self-interest, how made billions of rupees from the stock market, and money market, and how he end-up dying in the prison, although in the web series he breath last time in the hospital.

This series conveys the message that every person has the potential to grow no matter whether he is from the middle class or even poor, if we have dreams and the courage to follow our own path, success is inevitable.

But at the same time, we should take care of following the right path otherwise no matter how successful we have become, we cannot have a happy ending.

He used his brain to garner the wealth, he was at his peak but when the scam got disclosed he couldn’t live a peaceful life., He had to face the media pressure, torture by CBI and in the end, died because of a Heart Attack.

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Gafla is quite similar to ‘Scam 1992’, it was said that it is also based on Harsh Mehta Scam, but the story is a little bit different. Although this movie could not release but is available on YouTube.

If you don’t have the time to watch the entire web-series than you can refer this 2 hours long movie.

Rocket Singh, Salesman of the Year

Rocket Singh Sales Man of The Year, A Business Movie, must watch for budding entrepreneurs

Rocket Singh is said to be the must-watch business movie for entrepreneurs. But it more than that, we can learn the positive attitude, values, honesty, and ethical principles Rocket Singh carried throughout his journey.

His life was not easy, he didn’t get good marks and grades neither in his school nor in his college but still, he built a successful business.

Many a time it is assumed that if a person had created a large business for sure the foundation was built on frauds, dishonesty, and corruption. But this is not true.

With these negative traits, we can not make it big, the honesty and the truth are very essential to live a successful life.


All the above business movies are very inspiring and I would say should be on the must-watch list. One of the important lessons that all the above-mentioned movies give is if you are honest to your work, sooner or later you will reach where you should be but unethical ways will always lead to the destruction of the wealth, name, and fame that you have created and by following the wrong path you will lose out on the very crucial asset of any human being and that is the mental piece.

Hey I am Vaibhav, a CA student and a startup enthusiast who write about startups and on financial topics

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